Moby – Disco Lies

Moby – Disco Lies You said you want me That was just a lie You said you love me That was just a lie All [veja +]

Moby – Dream About Me

Moby – Dream About Me Babe Oh, dream about me Lie On the phone to me Tell me no truth If it is bad There's enough in [veja +]

Moby – Evening Rain

Moby – Evening Rain I can't stand to see the morning come While the evening rain's still falling I can't stand to see [veja +]

Moby – Every Time You Touch Me

Moby – Every Time You Touch Me Is everybody under controls? Oh….come and take me away Oh….'cause everything is wrong today I look the [veja +]

Moby – Extreme Ways

Moby – Extreme Ways Extreme ways are back again Extreme places I didn't know I broke everything new again Everything that I'd owned I threw [veja +]

Moby – Face It

Moby – Face It Come into my bedroom Come in at night You'll take your bowie Gonna skin it alive Where where hold it now [veja +]

Moby – Feeling So Real

Moby – Feeling So Real Some system rockin' [x7] Set it up dj I'm feeling so real [x2] yes yes here we go! I'm feeling [veja +]

Moby – Find My Baby

Moby – Find My Baby I'm gone find my baby Whouh Before that sun goes down

Moby – Flower

Moby – Flower Green sally up And green sally down Lift and squat Gotta tear the ground(Repeat 8X) Ol' Miss Lucy's dead and gone Left me [veja +]

Moby – Forever

Moby – Forever Two simple places We wanted to go Two simple things You wanted to know Everything around I could not see I wish I'd known How [veja +]


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